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Steel Manufacturing

Unibar ADI is primarily used for applications such as rock drill heads and rock drill pistons. They present substantial advantages over other material types.
Reliability is one of the key factors when specifying Unibar ADI. The cost of downtime due to failure or late delivered parts can run into 000''s per hour. Unibar ADI guarantees reliable, on-time deliveries backed by a technical expertise second to none.
Manufacturers utilise the superior qualities of Unibar ADI to achieve significantly improved machining times which leads to overall cost savings with improved mechanical characteristics.
Unibar ADI is currently operational in several tube forming facilities across Europe. The machinability of all the Unibar grades of iron is such that complex forms, bores and keyways can be machined up to 50% faster than in tool steel and forged steel.
In cold metal forming applications, the presence of graphite in the microstructure has improved productivity on materials that are prone to producing dust and swarf during the rolling operation such as galvanised coated steel. Additionally Unibar ADI is used in cold aluminium rolling where the aluminium is prone to stick to tool steel.
Advantages over Steel:
  • Improved machinability
  • Extended tool life
  • 50% faster turning times
  • 25% faster grinding times
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent noise and vibration damping
  • 10% weight reduction against Steel
  • Superb corrosion resistance
  • No stress relieving required

Advantages over Traditional Sand Castings:
  • Absence of porosity
  • Absence of shrinkage
  • Absence of sand inclusions
Design and Production
  • Elimination of costly patterns
  • Elimination of mismatch and cast dimensional problems
  • Availability from stock
  • Limited storage required
  • Versatility for varied design
  • Excellent noise and vibration damping
  • Elimination of burrs on internal machined faces

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